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1. Any kind of degree/diploma obtained from a fake or unregistered university, board, council, institution, college etc. as notified by the university grants commission (UGC) or any other concerned apex body is not considered for admission to any programme of the College

2. At the time of Admission; Applicants will be required to produce certificate / documents in original for the purpose of verification, and even thereafter, as and when instructed by the College.

3. Original certificates of an applicant normally will not be retained and will be returned after verification; however in exceptional cases, if required, the College may retain them for verification from the Board/Council/ College from where the certificates are supposed to be issued. If an applicant is found ineligible for admission on verification of the document(s) at any stage his/her admission shall stand cancelled and the case may be handed to the relevant authority under the law of land. In such a case, the applicant shall have no claim, whatsoever against the college.

4. (a)Applicants who's are result's are awaited due to appear for not qualifying exam may also apply; provided that the result of the qualifying exam must be provided to the College within one month of commencement of session or before the commencement of End Term Examination of the concerned Programme.
(b) In case an applicant fails to produce the proof of fulfillment of the prescribed eligibility criteria or fails to provide original documents for verification by the stipulated date(s) or any other document as and when prescribed by the College, he/she shall not be considered eligible for admission and admission, in any case, if granted due to any reason, shall be cancelled and the applicant shall have no claim, whatsoever against the College.
(c) Rounding off marks for evaluating and calculating the aggregate marks is prohibited.

5. Any sort of incomplete information in application form or application form received without fee or otherwise incomplete in any respect or received after the last date of submission of Application form may not be considered/evaluated for admission or may be summarily rejected without notice and without seeking any clarification by the applicant.

6. Submission of application form/fee or any other document and/or acknowledgment thereof by the College or generation of admission ID, ID Card and Registration Number does not guarantee admission to any programme of facility of the College.

7. For any sort of Postal delay or any loss in transit the college shall not be responsible for the same.

(a) Applicant is required to pay the programme fee, examination fee and late fee(if applicable) and application fee(in case of downloaded Application Form)lump sum by the stipulated date.
(b)Separate Demand Drafts or Pay Orders for payment on account of programme fee, examination fee and late fee, whichever applicable, may be submitted by the applicant.
(c)Applicant have to write the Applicant's Name, Father's Name, Contact No., Application No.(if any) and Name of Programme at the backside of DD/PO.
(d)Incomplete or wrong Demand Draft or Pay Order will not be accepted.
(e) Incase, If the last date for payment is holiday, the fee shall be paid on first working day after the holiday.
(f)All type of fee and charges as prescribed by the college and the various facilities provided by the are subject to revision/change from time to time.
(g)Programme fee and other fee prescribed fee for a Term/Semester under the programme details is only for the normal duration of the Term/Semester as specified therein.
(h)Government taxes, levis and any other charges, if any, as and when applicable will be payable by the student and will be added to the fee to be charged from the students.

(a) Fee Structure will remain same for those International Applicants who are willing to enroll in India and Appear for the examination in india,fee is same as for Indian Applicants, as mentioned in the prospectus.
(b) Fee for International applicants will be different from the fee specified for Indian applicants and will specify separately.
(c) Courier charges for the dispatch of study material, any other material or any other cost will be borne by the applicant. In addition to the fee prescribed in the prospectus.

In case an applicant is admitted after the start of programme/session, no compensation for the loss of any component of continuous assessment will be made by the College.

An email/sms will be sent to the applicant by the College on the email ID/mobile number specified by the applicants in his/her Application Form, Providing the status of his admission, within 3 months of his admission, within 3 months of his submission of Application Form to the Department Of Admission at the college campus or by post. Incase if applicant does not receive such email/sms from the college he/she must contact to the Department Of Admission at the college campus and get his admission confirmed. The College shall not assume any liability for any ignorance or default on the part of the applicant or the intermediatory,or in case of change of correspondence address or the mobile number or mobile being switched off or network failure etc.