All applicants and parent(s) and guardian, in their own interest, must read carefully and understand these and all other provisions of the prospectus well before applying to " IIFA INDIA COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES''.

1. Students are required to abide by the provisions of the act, statues, Regulations, Rules,ordinances,orders,In tructions, Guidelines, code of counduct, Directions, Standing Orders etc. (hereinafter jointly referred to as Rules Regulations) as made applicable from time to time b" IIFA INDIA COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES''.

2. Students are required to keep themselves well versed and updated with the Rules & Regulations in force, and a amendments thereto, if any. The College shall not be responsible for intimating the students individually in any manner.

3. The College will charge the fee for various facilities for programme transfer / migration / re-appear decided from time to time.

4. Incase if change in students Permanent, Correspondance Address or Telephone no. it is mandatory to inform the concerned authorities as prescribed by the College about the change.

5. The College reserves the right to make changes in the context of date, venue and timings for admission purpose or for the conduct of contact classes or exam or for any other purpose in relation to these programmes as when necessary.

6. If a student be found having any kind of serious ailment or any kind of psychiatric history or psychological trauma or depression or any other such kind of problem(s) or having any tendency to do anything unwarranted including but not limited to suicide shall be considered as detrimental or otherwise not appropriate by the college for the academic atmosphere or otherwise, the College shall reserve the right to cancel his admission at any time and he/she shall have no claim(s) whatsoever against the College.

7. Any sort of students involvement into any sort of controversies/anti-social, political, semi-political, religious and such like nature.

8. Students and their parents / guardians are required to behave disciplined and with dignity. Any kind of misbehavior or unwarranted act on their part shall be subject to legal action as per the law of land. Alongwith disciplinary action will lead against the guilty student and their parents /guardians as the case may be.

9. It is mandatory for the students to adhere to dress/uniform code as and if prescribed by the College.

10. It is mandatory for the students are required to wear the Identity Card around the neck to make it visible while being in the College Campus and while being outside for study and other purposes in relation to all the activities organized or prescribed by College.

11. Any formation of associate or incite others to form or associate in any manner, with any kind of formal and informal union, association, groups, alliances, forums, organizations, institutions etc., whether authorized or un authorized or recognized at any level except which are specifically created by the college for such purpose as prescribed.

12. Involvement in any kind of strike(s) or any activity which is against disciplinary law is strictly prohibited.

13. Students are required to stay away from the 'RESTRICTED ZONE'(whether inside or outside the College Campus).

14. Ragging hooliganism and misconduct are strictly prohibited within and outside College campus.

15. Gambling smoking consumption or possession of any type of liquor or alcohol or drugs or intoxicants or any other sedative material, explosives, weapons, fireworks etc. are strictly prohibited within and outside College campus.

16. The College reserves the right to conduct narcotic or drug alcohol test or any other medical test on any student at any time while being an College campus and if the test results are found to be positive (+ve), that student will not be allowed to continue study with the College and he/she shall have no claim(s) whatsoever against the College. Also the student shall be liable severe punishment and further such cases will be reported to the police as and if decided by College.

17. Student are prohibited to do anything which may cause disturbance in the studies of other student or deemed vulgar in any way by the College.

18. Distribution of written material printed or handwritten like leaflet/banners etc. For any purpose unless in specific permitted in writing by the College, is strictly prohibited.

19. Students are not allowed to paste any poster, painting or alike on the walls or other places in or outside the College Campus other than instructed by the College for the specified purposes.

20. Students are not allowed to hold any meeting, gathering or to do any kind of celebration within or outside the premises of the College campus without seeking the permission from the concerned authorities of the College Campus.

21. Without the written approval by the concerned authorities students are not allowed to collect any money from any student(s), employee(s) or other person(s) for any purpose including donations, contributions and gatherings.

22. Whenever College Calls any student /or his parents/guardian either telephonically or otherwise. it is mandatory for the student and his parents/ guardian (as the case may be) to come and meet the concerned authority.

23. All the programmes are purely on the basis of academics and are not meant for issuance of any license and/or registration for the purpose of any profession and/ or its practice, unless otherwise specified.

24. (a) Possession and use of mobile phones may be allowed to the student only at the discretion of the College and if permitted shall be subject to conditions that.
(I) mobile phones may be allowed only having basic communication facility with no add on features including but not limited to multimedia, camera, music wed services and other applications as restricted by the College from time to time;
(II) The College may restrict the mobile phones at any time whenever required; and
(b) Possessing and/or using the mobile phone, if restricted, and mobile phone with features/facilities, which are restricted by the College shall lead to disciplinary action(s) against the student including but not limited to expulsion/ rustication of that student.

25. Students will have to make their own travel and other arrangements at their own cost and appearing in the exam, for attending the contact classes and for all other purposes.

26. Student are not allowed to drive within the College Campus and parking of the vehicles shall be at the at the designated areas unless otherwise prescribed.

27. In the event of not fulfilling any requirement of any sort as prescribed by the College, a student shall be liable and entitled for cancellation of his admission at the discretion of the College.

28. Delay or default in making any provision or facility in respect of a student's study at the College will not entitle any student to claim any compensation or refund or any other right against the College.

29. Any student found guilty in any sort of disobedience of any of rules & Regulations, misconduct, immoral or unethical behavior or any act that may lead to damage the dignity or goodwill of the College, may be subject to a range of possible disciplinary actions including but not limited to admission cancellation or expulsion/rustication or decided by the College, not with standing legal action under the law of the land in that case he/she shall not have any claim for refund of fees or otherwise whatsoever against the College.

30. Without written approval of the concerned person use of Camera / recording instrument or any other electronic gadget in the College campus by the students are Prohibited.

31. In case of any issue/difference of opinion with regard to any matter related to the College Only the student or his parents/guardian, whose name has been mentioned in the Application From and/or accepted by the College, may discuss such issues/differences with the concerned authorities/officials of the College and no other person will be allowed to visit/discuss/correspond with any of the official(s) of College.

32. The College reserves the right to amend or withdraw any provision contained in the prospectus and other related documents at any point of time, as deemed necessary without prior notice or assigning any reason.

33. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to sign and submit all the documents, affidavit, information etc. as be required by the college from time to time and any undersigned declaration(s)or any other document(s) which otherwise is required to be signed and/or attested and /or submitted by the applicant as prescribed by the College or otherwise either intentionally or compliance and/or any disciplinary jurisdiction of such declaration (s)or document(s). Such declaration(s) or affidavit(s) or undertaking(s) or any other document(s), even if unsigned or not submitted as require , will be binding on the applicant and all other concerned.

34. The terms "he", "him" and "his" include the Feminine.